The Internet’s been going crazy over this idea of planning your holidays : 

13th August-Saturday

14th august -Sunday

15th august-independence day

16th August -sick leave 

17th august-parsi new year 

18th august-ra….

…..NO wait !

It’s really important to think that why do people mistake independence day as a holiday .When I was in middle school I hated it if a holiday would fall on Sunday ,why ? Can we get a bonus so we can have two Sundays next weekend.Nice. obviously I didn’t had a idea what I would do but holiday is the new magical word ..indeed it is ,everyone loves holidays. Sharma ji to sharma ji ‘s son to sharma ji’dad..everyone does.

                      Meanwhile Mr.modi is addresing the people of this nation.. The people of this nation are having their sweet morning dreams ,they are fast asleep in their beds. And it’s no surprise that most of us never wake up at 6:00 .  . And when we know. we know that thousands laid down their lives so that we are breathing or more like sleeping peacefully and skipping Independence day..Doesn’t it make you mad that people who’ve done so much for us ,and there’s only little we can do to pay back and we the people of this nation fail to do that ,for a moment ,think about them ,their family who did the best for whom ? They thought that we deserve this freedom and gave up their lives .but history tells ,where freedom is given ,sins happen . 


                        ……A very happy independence day……



2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Very true. Just yesterday someone told me that they are planning to wake up late as it is a holiday…
    And then are few who wake yp early on valentine’s but cannnot wake up early on independence or republic day.

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