Paperboat will make you look around , look back 

We look back at the simpler time , we reach out for it , ” Those were days “ We say dreamily  . The time when there were…
 No evil bosses , only comic characters . When Suppandi and Archies rested on the table instead of piles of workloads .                      No cricket matches to be missed , just stomach aches to be feigned .                         No notes during dull presentations , just masterpieces of our doodles 
When a summer morning , soft and still made every one sit for a game of antakshari , and all the uncles and aunties would either sing melodies as old as fossils ( or we thought so ) or burst  into a chorus of laughter when a strict member of the house looses .  Paperboat has really won everyone’s heart with it’s drinks and nostalgic  commercials  🙂

So here are some amazing cartoons by paperboat so you can relive that magical time … for a moment perhaps

 I relate to this more than I can admit.

 I always thought the train is going to split up all of a sudden .  still can’t !!

Tough decision ..😅

Get out of my seat buttface !!

 And the best part …food.  🙂